Certified international trainer

Counselor Mohamed Anani

A Saudi consultant, expert and certified international trainer
In the field of security, safety, occupational health and environment

He has a proven track record due to his experience and competence as one of the most important internationally accredited experts and trainers, and one of the most important cadres who are relied upon in critical times. Who provided his services and expertise in the field of security, safety, occupational health and the environment to a large sector of ministries, government and private agencies and institutions that are looking for experts specialized in the field of security, safety, occupational health and risk management to preserve assets and human and material resources, including but not limited to: Ministry of Interior – Ministry of Education – Ministry of Social Affairs – Ministry of Hajj – Ministry of Health – Ministry of Tourism Saudi Contractors Authority – General Authority of Meteorology and Environment – Industrial Estates Authority – General Authority for Food Security – King Abdul Aziz University – Jazan University – Princess Nora University – University of Jeddah – Bin Laden Company – Arabic Bupa Company – Rubaiyat Company Nandos Restaurant Chain – Saudi Shrimp Company – Quality Ice Cream Factory – Radwa Company – Mahmoud Saeed Company – Ascott International Hotels Group – Arabian Centers Company – Red Sea Company – Security Units Company – Security Fence Company – Abdullah Factories Al-Awdan Plastic – Umm Al-Qura Association – Neighborhood Centers Association

Through his practical and field trip, he was able to contribute to improving the efficiency of the work environment in the places to which he was functionally affiliated or to which he provided services, consultations and efforts as a delegated expert, and to contribute to protecting it from problems, challenges and dangers that threaten the security, safety and health of workers and employees and reduce the life span of tools, machines and equipment used in places Work, enhance capital protection, revitalize the economy, contribute to the continuity of production in a healthy and safe environment, and preserve the environment


And through his pioneering career, he was chosen to participate in the field in many crises, emergencies, disasters and huge events, including the Jeddah flood accident in 2010 and 2011 and other complex accidents and disasters that required competence in planning and bold intervention for rescue, effective treatment of the crisis and dealing with it efficiently and wisely.